... My name is Randy Warner and I was born in Flint, Michigan in February, 1958, which makes me an aging Aquarius for those keeping score at home. I live in Woodland Hills, California (in the San Fernando Valley near LA with my life- partner, Franklin, and our parrot, Nico.

For a few hours every week, I like to pretend I'm a big-shot radio personality and play music online...
...while hanging around in chat rooms with my friends. It's a lot of fun and, more importantly, it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble (so far).

We tend to listen to a pretty wide range of musical styles - everything from jazz and classical to top 40 and classic rock - and usually manage to have a really good time.
So, that's about it until I think of something more important to put in this space. Check out the rest of the website and listen to the program sometime (our Music Library and song request pages are here).
Heck, you can even come hang out with us in chat if you're so inclined. There's always room for one more.